Kitchen remodels on a budget

How to Remodel a Kitchen on a Budget


8 Ways to Give Your Ugly Kitchen a Cheap & Fast Makeover

Not all kitchen remodels need to be extravagant and expensive. It’s amazing how drastically you can change the look of a drab, grungy kitchen just by doing a few, inexpensive tweaks. A kitchen makeover doesn’t need to drain your bank account.

Having a kitchen layout that is already efficient helps, so too does having a small kitchen, but even if the layout is not ideal or the heart of your home is sprawling, there is still a lot you can do to spruce up your kitchen.

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Here are 9 easy & cheap ways to do a kitchen renovation on a budget

  1. Paint the cabinet doors: Spend a few hundred bucks — average is $200 on paint supplies — on some high-quality paint and primer. A change in color can add an entirely new look to your kitchen. You can DIY it to save even more money, but be sure you put aside a solid week to do it right and that you are up for the task or sanding, priming, painting, and lifting heavy wood cabinet doors. If repainting is beyond your abilities, you can hire a pro to do it for you. You’ll still be saving a ton of money when compared to brand new cabinets, and it’ll get done right.
  2. New cabinet hardware: You can add new hardware after you paint, but even if you choose not to repaint your kitchen cabinets, you can still add updated hardware for a new look. Cost of hardware varies greatly, but expect to spend at least $100. Just make sure it matches or covers the previous holes. If you are giving your kitchen cabinets a once over with some fresh paint, use wood filler to fill the holes, and start with clean slate. Otherwise, first use a good cabinet cleaner and restorer to bring back their old luster.
  3. New lighting: Change out your old, dated lighting for a fixture that is more current or timeless in style. Spending just$300-$500 can make for a dramatic change, especially if you go with some pendant lights or lighting that makes a statement. Put the light on a dimmer for added effect.
  4. New sink: Just like new lighting, spending a few hundred dollars on a new sink and fixture makes a big difference in the aesthetic of your kitchen.
  5. New window treatments: Add some color or a pattern with new curtains to help set the style and show off your personality.
  6. A splash of color with an accent wall: Throw some paint on a strategic wall to open up the space or make a statement. Pick the wall that is the natural focal point of the room. When picking out a color, think about the mood you want to convey as well as the fact that the kitchen is where we relax, gather, and enjoy one another’s company over a meal.
  7. New appliances: If your budget allows, pick out some new appliances. Replacing a dated, dirty, and dinged up stove or fridge with shiny, new stainless steel model makes a huge change in the look of a kitchen for the better.
  8. Install a new tile backsplash: Getting rid of your old, chipped backsplash is a huge step toward updating your kitchen. The clean lines and gleam of subway tile is an inexpensive way to give the space a marked makeover.
  9. Clear the clutter: Put away the bowl, toaster, crockpots, and all the other items crowding your counters. Select a few items that you use daily and look decent to leave out if you must. But, store the rest for a cleaner, more open look. Take all of the pictures and cards off the refrigerator as well. It’s amazing the difference decluttering a space makes.

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Whether you choose to implement all of these suggestions or just a few of these kitchen decorating ideas, the important thing to remember is you’ll have a kitchen you’re going to enjoy spending time in.

These are all DIY-friendly feats of kitchen design, but that doesn’t mean you need to tackle it on your own. Contact an experienced contractor for help. You will spend more hiring someone, but it will get done right the first time, eliminating the possibility of wasted materials or ruined cabinets from a failed paint job.

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